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I Ink therefore I Am~
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Things you need to know about me, and other stuff

- I don't like being called; Sweetie, Darling, Hun, honey or Kid.
- I HATE when people cuss on my art or page, i clearly wrote do NOT Cuss!!! check my ID if you don't believe me.

- I hate when people try to act better.
- i hate being treated like a child, so don't treat me like a kid.
- I have a MAJOR obsession with Zelda and Splatoon, so if you Watch me, expect LOTS of Inklings and Zelda characters!

- I only Favorite things i like or find interesting.
- I enjoy any gift Art, i don't care if it's OC's or Canon.
- I ship EVERY ZeLink, and i don't like any other girl with Link.
- Don't ask me to draw animals, i CANNOT!
- If you want to do an Art trade, just ask anywhere BUT post's. (and please don't use the Shoutbox)

- When Point Commissioning me keep in mind that i hate when people get impatient.
- Please don't ask WHY i draw Zelda.
- i love RPing! just note me and i will most likely accept. (remember this; i make a terrible Princess Zelda, but i'm a pretty good Tetra.)
- I live in Florida and i HATE sports. especially Football.
(It is SO NOT Interesting...)
- I Love answering Questions, so if you have any questions ask away!

- Please don't make any fan characters for my couples, or couples me and my friends pair. (I will most likely reject the character(s) and you CANNOT keep it. CLOSE!!! friends are allowed to draw them, tho.)

- unfortunately, if your not on 'these Deviants' mean the World to me!' list, you have no right creating a fan child for my pairs.


TeLink Webcam!

FEBRUARY 2015 RAFFE PRIZE - TehLinkFan1 by ProudPastry

these Deviants' mean the World to me!

:heart::iconsupermarioorigins::heart: :heart::icontoonmidna1::heart: :heart::iconrachellebear::heart: :heart::iconprinsesdaisyfanfan1::heart::iconsongmina::heart:
:heart::icontharene::heart: :heart::iconprincess-selia::heart: :heart::iconicecreamlink::heart: :heart::iconlady-zelda-of-hyrule::heart: :heart::iconstrikerwott12::heart: :heart::iconlovesicklatte::heart: :heart::icongosuta::heart::iconaina90::heart::iconkittywkiskers::heart: :heart::iconikuar::heart::heart::iconsilverwingsart::heart: :heart::iconzeepla::heart: :heart::iconangelstar7::heart: :heart::iconeternalflame612::heart::heart::iconxlady-aurorax::heart::heart::iconhaydenmaye::heart::heart::icondreampuppeteer::heart::heart::iconaegis-runestone::heart::heart::iconjrynkows::heart::heart: :icondazzlingpersonalitiy::heart::heart::iconzelliana::heart::heart::icondustytoonlink::heart::heart::iconmiyunea::heart:

Featured Artist!

I'll feature one Artist a month.

This Month is :icontharene: :heart:

Tharene is an AMAZING Artist, plus person in general! ~
Her style is so sparkly and colorful! and her Skills are INCREDIBLE! :meow:

Hyrule Warriors Link by Tharene Golden Goddesses by Tharene Din portrait by Tharene
The boy from Outset by Tharene Are these OK, Midna? by Tharene [T-Shirt] Midna by Tharene Princess Cira by Tharene Orielle by Tharene Moreena by Tharene
Coventina by Tharene BG - Willow by Tharene MG Link colored by Tharene


TeLink stamp by Icy-Snowflakes Adult Link +Tetra Stamp by BeagleTsuin
TeLink Stamp by SuperMarioOrigins I Support LinkxTetra by maplerawr ToonLinkxToonZelda stamp by HystericDesigns

Tetra Supporter Stamp by applejackles Tetra fan Stamp by BeagleTsuin Tetra Stampie by LinZeldorf
SSBB Tetra trophy shiny stamp by LinZeldorf Tetra is Zelda by CleoMelee Tetra's Hair Stamp by BeagleTsuin

..:: Toon Link is so cute! ::.. by PuppyinmypocketSmash Wind Waker Love by Larxanne stamp :: toon link by kinies
Stamp - Toon Link Stamp 1 by AnonymousLink -Toon Link is Epic Stamp- by ccucco The Wind Waker :stamp: by Tazzil

Timbre The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker HD by LeDrBenji Wind Waker Stamp by FreezingIceKirby I :heart: windwaker by PirateGirl-Tetra
I heart Wind Waker Style by cathanupto Timbre The Legend Of Zelda - Wind Waker by LeDrBenji Wind Waker Fan Stamp by LuvOshawott

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Stamp by Darkest-OfTimes The Phantom Hourglass by Eternal-Stamps The Legend of Zelda Stamp - Navi by Black2WhiteMystery
Crazy Linebeck STAMP by FJLink Link stamp by ilaaaria Ciela Stamp by theneonwalrus

Majora's Mask Stamp by WaterFaerieNaomi Timbre The Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask by LeDrBenji -Shopkeeper Dance Stamp- by ccucco
3D Unhappy Mask Salesman STAMP by FJLink Majoras mask stamp by May-Lene LoZ - Majora's Mask +1+ by Cathines-Stamps

Ocarina of Time 3D stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Timbre The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time by LeDrBenji Ocarina Wtf by fricken-pimp
Temple of Time by fricken-pimp Ocarina of Time Bosses stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Coming for You by fricken-pimp

twilight princess stamp. by Super-Seme-Riku TP stamp 2. by Super-Seme-Riku Midna Stamp by Rocanola
-Triforce of Courage Stamp- by ccucco Zant Stamp by StellaB Agitha Stamp by Kleiner-Schmetterlin

The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword Stamp by DMN666 Skyward Sword Stamp by HystericDesigns Fi Stamp by MischiefLily
Fi dancing stamp by HystericDesigns The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword Stamp 2 by DMN666Zelink Fan by Allendra3
Skyward Sword ZeldaxLink by crazyfreak SS Zelink my OTP by crazyfreak Pet Kikwi stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria

Splatoon Stamp by delsn Callie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnRedd Marie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnRedd
Stay Fresh! :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnRedd Splat! :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnRedd splatoon stamp #1 [splatfest] by the-runaway-josh
splatoon stamp #2 [splatfest] by the-runaway-josh splatoon stamp #13 [cyan team] by the-runaway-joshsplatoon stamp #9 [hero mode] by the-runaway-josh


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Tetra pixel by Angelstar7
Hello! Welcome to my page! :wave:
I Hope you enjoy yourself here!

:heart: I have a HUGE obsession on the Zelda series!
It never seems to get old to me.~ :heart:

i am a crazy Fangirl who adores many things.
My OTP is TeLink! and it will stay my OTP until the day i die!

I adore wind waker style! and some Cartoon styles. I like some realistic styles' as well. i can't draw it though.

Disney and Dreamworks is my Life!
i have been a Disney fan since i was VERY little.

I enjoy many things! but my interests right now is Zelda and Splatoon! I really have a MAJOR obsession. so expect some Splatoon art spams if ya' watch Me. ~ :meow:

I also LOVE Cats! they are extremely precious to me.
hmm, i also have a Sweet and amazing Boyfriend!~ SuperMarioOrigins :heart: He is my world!

I am a proud Christian.~ PLEASE don't bash me tho.
Also; So please! with all-do-respect; "DO NOT CUSS ON MY ART OR PAGE!" i find it very offensive! and i don't like hearing/seeing it.

Tetra pixel by Angelstar7


I ran into a few TP ZeLink haters...
gosh... it was horrifying. ;A;

they are all like: "Midna and Link grew a relationship..." "We seen Zelda Three times in the game, Telma has a better relationship with Link than Zelda does."

oh my freakin' gosh.... it was beyond ridiculous...
I just read comments, i didn't say anything. xD!

but seriously, TP ZeLink IS possible...
It's true Link doesn't build a relationship with Zelda like he did with Midna and MORE people, BUT MidLink is pretty much impossible now. WHY? Because they are not living in the same world, and I really don't see Midna and Link crushing on Each other.

She was just there to use him in the beginning, but later began having a change of heart. the reason to this is MAYBE because she felt bad dragging him all around the place, seeing what he had to go through and stuff. She is just a kindhearted person, she was concerned for Zelda and Hyrule too, so why does her caring for Link make MidLink canon?

That's not all though. Midna is quite fond of Link. she touches and leans on him a lot, but guys... that's just the way she is... Y'know, her PERSONALITY, I THINK Nintendo is trying to show the players how sassy she can be.

Y'know what another MidLink fan told me is, that she was about to say 'I Love you' in the end.... Okay, she WAS NOT going to say that. she could of said ANYTHING... Like; "I'll miss you" or "I had Fun being witn you." or SOMETHING like that...

I just didn't see a Love relationship going on in the game. Twilight princess is like... a REAL LIFE Game, some of the characters help Link do many things, like people help us irl to do things. I see Midna and Link as friends, they haven't known each other THAT long guys. MidLink is not Canon, and neither is any other 'Fan' couple in the game.

Now, about ZeLink.. no i am not saying it is canon, but it CAN be. (If Nintendo wanted it to)
while Midna went back to her own world, Zelda and Link still live in the same world. Well, how could Link go back to his ordinary life after what he's been through? I personally think he'd want to do more with his life than sit in Ordon for the rest of his days.

Now there are MANY things he'd could of done, like be an Adventurer or something.
but y'know what people are forgetting? HE COULD HAVE BECAME AN HYRULE SOLDIER, like to protect Hyrule and keep Princess Zelda safe. and while doing that he could build his relationship with Zelda. maybe? right?

Okay, the whole point of this journal is that People get to bash ZeLink and talk about MidLink... and the MidLink fans are forgetting about the ZeLink POSSIBLITIES.

I didn't say this IS true, and i'm not bashing MidLink or saying to stop shipping them.
i'm just saying to the ZeLink haters that ZeLink is kinda possible even if they don't think it is.

Don't freak out guys.
I wrote this because i love to rant, and i'm bored/tired.

it's 5:00 AM and i haven't been to bed yet...
so, sorry if this journal is pointless and stupid... i'll probably delete it in the morning.
  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: Squid Sisters
  • Reading: People bash ZeLink
  • Watching: Splatoon videos
  • Playing: Zelda Twilight Princess
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Cherry Coke
Should i do the 30-day-OTP-Challange with Splatoon Couples?
4 deviants said Yes!
1 deviant said No.
1 deviant said Finish the TeLink one...
Gift:  Two kinds of Blues by TeLinkfan1
Gift: Two kinds of Blues
This is a gift for :iconsketchygl: I drew Turquiose and her Lovely Inkling Lyn.~ :meow:

Ahh, Lyn is such a beautiful Inkling! when i first layed eyes on her i fell In-Love. :heart:
Heh. anyway, Turquoise is just admiring Lyn's Superb Splatling Skillz. (She heard she was amazing with the Splatling) She's all liek; "OMG! TEACH MEH PLZ!!!" :XD:

hEH. i hope you like it! :blowkiss:

Lyn belongs to SketchyGL 
Turquoise belongs to me


Dragon Vein Agate by Jrynkows Andradite by SongMina Gemsona Fusion: Chrysocolla by DreamPuppeteer


Webcam by TamarinFrog

Should i do the 30-day-OTP-Challange with Splatoon Couples? 

4 deviants said Yes!
1 deviant said No.
1 deviant said Finish the TeLink one...

Art Status!!

Art Trades: CLOSED
Requests: CLOSED
Point Commissions: CLOSED
Collabs: CLOSED

Request/Art trade status:

Art trade with TwilightSwordLink
Art trade with ToonMidna1

Collab with Tharene: Haven't Started.
Collab with SongMina: (Waiting for sketch)
Collab with Skarrlitt: Haven't started.

To-do List:

Art trades.

OH! and some ZELDA!!! :heart:


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Sep 4, 2015
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Sep 4, 2015
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